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Beresford Contracting is proud to confirm we are officially Premium Plus CHAS Accredited. This is a significant step forward for our team, who work so hard together to offer a fair, safe and reliable reactive group.

As a contractor, there are many types of accreditation schemes available to join that offer member benefits and portray different values outwardly. Beresford’s team felt that our core values aligned with the vision and culture CHAS promotes to ensure a safe working environment.  

We know that being Chas accredited reflects positively on Beresford Contracting, making us a solid subcontractor for many sites. 

What is CHAS?

CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is a platform for businesses to confirm that they meet excellent health and safety standards with various processes across their business. 

Health and safety standards shall continue to be at the forefront of our industries minds when tenders are gathered, and proposals are put forward for many projects. Often large contractors always ask that any subcontractor on their site is CHAS accredited; this gives all involved from the client to any contractor peace of mind that health and safety practise on site shall be respected, and boundaries are preserved. 

Qualified health and safety professionals carry out CHAS assessments on a business’s documentation without visiting their site to confirm that they’re fulfilling everything the law requires.

Values & Vision 

As a company, Beresford Contracting’s core values are considered in all daily motions of the business. Our no-nonsense health and safety procedures coincide with CHAS investment in helping companies work safer and more efficiently. 

In order for a company to become CHAS accredited, you must provide evidence of the following plus others:

  • Daily checks, inspections of all plant machinery
  • Asset workflow management
  • Audit trail of all activity relating to the specific item of plant
  • HR & employment law 
  • Health & safety standards, rules & obligations

Not all construction sites require our company to be CHAS accredited, but that hasn’t stopped us in our bid. Only 20% of contractors pass on their first attempt to apply for CHAS. Once you do pass, you commit to annual assessments to demonstrate you are maintaining high standards of health and safety management required to keep passing. 

We shall continue to work with CHAS and AVETTA to ensure that we are working to the highest possible health and safety standards as a company. The safety of our staff both on and off-site is vital to Beresford’s to ensure everyone gets home safely at the end of each working day.

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