Derbyshire Trusted Trader Accredited – Septic Tanks

Beresford Contracting Ltd is happy to confirm that we continue to be part of the Derbyshire Trusted Trader team for Derbyshire County Council.

Our highly qualified team are always happy to assist with any septic tank issues you might have; we are glad to take any calls and promise to help you efficiently with any problems.

New Septic Tank Installation 

It’s not every day that you have to consider replacing an existing septic tank, but it’s good to know just the right people to call when the time comes. 

When looked after and properly maintained, Septic tanks can last a house 20 – 25 years when consistently used. The volume of traffic the house receives shall depend on how frequently you require your tank emptying.

How do I know my septic tank needs replacing?

Beresford Contracting Ltd offers a service to come to your house to investigate the existing pipework, septic tank, site access and if your tank is a soakaway or water treatment tank and where it discharges to. 

Once investigation works have been completed, we can supply you with a quotation to include all works involved in replacing your tank. We shall finish the job at hand by providing you with the relevant paperwork related to the tank you require.

Suppose you are to have a water treatment septic tank. In that case, you are supplied with a Derbyshire Building Control Partnership completion certificate and an Electrical certificate, all of which are required when selling a property.

Blocked Pipes & Drains

Often when our team takes an emergency call, the problem at hand is relating to blocked pipework.

Blocked pipes linking to your septic tank will cause you a significant headache and a panicked phone call to ask for assistance. Luckily Beresford Contracting Ltd is happy to assist you in getting things flowing back to normal.

Our skilled team has come across just about every issue and has found many items when unblocking pipes. Not all block pipes can be blamed on a blockage formed from toilet paper and sanitary products. 

The Beresford Contracting team have found rocks, building equipment and even old shoes blocking drains.

What are the main causes of blocked pipes & drains?

The obvious culprits of blocked pipes and drains are sanitary ware, nappies, hair, baby wipes and earbuds. Beresford Contracting would always recommend to their clients, especially those in holiday cottages, to insist on educating their visitors to use bins provided when disposing of unwanted items.

Blocked pipes and drains don’t always come from the bathroom; often, people don’t dispose of their kitchen waste properly and eventually end up with some rather smelly blocked drains. 

The main items within kitchens that block pipes and drains are the following:

  • Cooking fat & oil
  • Coffee grind waste
  • Food waste

Before heading to the sink to dispose of unwanted waste, we highly recommend using the kitchen bin. 

Septic Tank Emptying  

Beresford Contracting Ltd recommends that clients have a professional service empty their tank once a year. During this call out, your driver can look at your tank and identify any serious issues you might have.

If your household is made up of 2 or fewer people, you may choose to do this less frequently; this, however, needs to be discussed with a professional as your tank might not be large enough to hold a large amount of waste.

Holiday Cottage Septic Tanks

One of our most frequent emergency call-outs often comes from holiday cottage owners. 

During a customers visit to your holiday cottage, they shall most likely not realise that you are not on a mains system and that you, therefore, have a delicate balance of keeping your septic tank healthy. 

Holiday cottages often have a large amount of use which, in turn, makes their toilet very busy. We recommend returning clients book into our regular emptying schedule to ensure that an unwanted problem ruins nobody’s holiday!

Beresford Contracting is a call away!

Beresford Contracting Ltd is happy to help. If you’re located within the Peak District, High Peak and surrounding areas, please give our office a call to help you with any issues or offer advice.

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