Alcumus Accredited

We are pleased that Beresford Contracting Ltd have been confirmed to be Alcumus – Safe Contractor recognised once again. 

This is proof that our team of hard working individuals have yet again performed above and beyond in order for us to join over 35,000 other like-minded businesses. 

What is Safe Contractor?

Safe Contractor allows a company like ours to be recognised as working towards a better working world in our industry. In order to qualify, a company must demonstrate that they meet the necessary requirements around health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management practises.

What they check

Alcumus are the UK’s leading health, safety and ethical accreditation. In order to gain accreditation we are asked to provide relevant documents to support each field e.g. health and safety RAMS, method statements and our company health and safety policy. The team of highly qualified experts at Alcumus check all documentation to confirm they work and are up to date with the correct legal perimeters.  

Staff training and qualifications are kept on file and monitored by the team at Alcumus, this allows them to email notifications when documents need to be updated and staff training requires a response. 

The handy risk assessment building tool allows companies to incorporate specific control measures for the hazards of the work being carried out. Whether this is Work at Height, Isolation or Confined Space – Safe Contractor are able to tunnel companies into ensuring all procedures are regularly updated to confirm all details are correct.

Why we work with Alcumus

Beresford Contracting work with a number of companies that require us to prove we have certain accreditation behind us. By working with the team at Safe Contractor our clients can relax knowing that we take the happiness and health of our employees seriously. 

Beresford Contracting Ltd

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